Larch Stole the Stage!

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This evening, Larch Class took the stage at Opera North in Leeds.  The performed their very own written, composed, and choreographed opera segment to over 250 people.  At the end of the performance, everyone was rightfully beaming with pride and this is no doubt a memory we will all keep with us!  Well done Larch- you made yourselves, your families, staff, and GLPA proud!

Please add a comment below and let the children know what you thought about their performance.

Do you have any photos or video to share of tonight’s amazing performance?  If so, please share.




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Looking for exciting new reads?

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We’ve been studying Pie Corbett and using his writing strategies in class.  Pie has recommended some top Year 5 books.  Check them out here:

For top readers, check out Pie Corbett’s recommendations for Year 6 reads here:

Let us know if you read any of these by commenting below!  Tell us your favourites!

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Hansel and Gretel performance materials

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As promised, here is a preview of Larch Class’s Opera!  We are all so excited- listening to this has given me goosebumps!
Please rehearse all songs, lines, and movements at home.  (It’d be great to see some comments below to know that you’re having a go.)
We need to have everything memorised as soon as possible and certainly in preparation for our last workshop as well as our performance on 27 March at Opera North.
Tickets and further details will be sent out as soon as Opera Quest finalise arrangements.


Dancing Song

Hansel and Gretel Extracts OperaQuest (updated 170303)

The Wolf Chase – libretto

The Wolf Chase – score

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Fire Safety

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This week we had the fire service come to discuss the importance of fire safety with Year 5.  All children were given a booklet to share at home which discussed the importance of safety issues including smoke detectors and a fire escape plan.  If your house is not currently fitted with smoke detectors, these can be fitted, free of charge by our local fire-fighters.

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Whoopsy Whiffling World Book Day

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Year 5s left us feeling hopscotchy with their costumes celebrating GLPA’s Roald Dahl-themed World Book Day!  We enjoyed Dahl inspired reading, maths, drama, and squibbling! It was all a tremendously frothbuggling day!

If you love Dahl-speak as much as we do, test your knowledge in this quiz-

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OperaQuest 2017

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Larch Class is one of only four classes in the Yorkshire region selected to work on the OperaQuest project.  This includes five professional workshops where children write, compose, and perform their own opera scene.  See some workshop photos below and watch this space for the post of our script and music to practice at home.

An exciting component of the project includes visiting Leeds Grand Theatre to see the critically acclaimed, professional performance of Hansel and Gretel.  Check out Opera North’s website for insights into the performance, songs, rehearsals and the actors:

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Operaquest2017 by MAX D

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On Monday Operaquest2017 came to school until then we was reading but finally we when to the hall and we saw 3 people called Michael, Johnathan and Adam. At the start we played a clapping game to warm our body and see what place we would take in Hansel and Gretel, after we did a freaky freeze frame game what was where he said some freeze stuff like a lounge and the Forrest. After a while Jonathan got us into numbers and we had to go in to groups in it i was the milk on the floor and the mud and it was so fun to do it plus we are super lucky to do this.this going to be epic.

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The most inspiring book !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Library of Lemons by Jo Cotterill is a heart felt story because there is a girl called Calypso and she is always stuck into books because her mum died five years ago.  Calypso and her dad there is hardly any food in the fridge. Calypso’s dad is always in his library and never comes out.

One day a new girl came up to Calypso at school and asked if she wanted to play with her but Calypso mumbled, “no thank you.” “Okay.” said the new girl called Mae then Mae made Calypso’s name in twigs. She found that a bit weird but quite nice at the same time.

Mae and Calypso became best of friends and Calypso went round to Mae’s house every day after school but little does Calypso know what is in the cabinets in her dad’s Library of Lemons.

I think this book is for anyone who likes friendship and sadness this book made me want to cry.

By Ruby B

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Beetle Boy by Millie… :)

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Darkus, young and adventurous, life gets thrown into pieces. The story is like an 1000 piece jigsaw, fitting all the clues In until the last piece is worth all of it. Darkus life is a jigsaw, the hardest, first he loses his kind, warm-hearted mother then his dad goes missing, so Darkus is sent to live with his Uncle. Suddenly a beetle drops out his horrible neighbours trouser leg. Randomly and unusually this beetle wants to communicate! However, could it be a piece to the jigsaw?

I would recommend this book to people eight or over. This book has everything a book needs, excitement, drama and a bit of comedy here and there. I rated this book 11/10. I think you should not read the rest of the Leeds book award books and click buy to this. I don’t care if you need to slap it! Just buy it or read it… NOW

The author is called M.G Leonard/The best! I think she is the best author in history of authors because of her language and how she describes each character in detail. I thought this book was really funny and dramatic. It is a fiction story (I’m glad because I don’t want a beetle trying to communicate with me!) And it means it’s not real.

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On Wednesday afternoon,01:00pm-05:00pm,we watched an opera of Hansel and Gretel. It took half an hour there and half an hour back. We were 1 of 4 classes in the region to go, Larch class were the only class in Green Lane to go. It was at Leeds Grand Theatre.

It was more modern so there were projectors displaying a image they were receiving from a camera on stage. That was done when they were in the woods. There were about 25 projecters,10 on one balcony and 15 on another although it is an old story.

The charters are: Hansel and Gretel, the mum and dad as well as the witch. The dad spent the least time one stage, then the mum, the witch then Hansel and Gretel.

It was set in the witches house, the forest and a old run down house were Hansel and Gretel live. The music was fitting: not to slow but not to fast, it changed to fit the occasion.

I recommend this to people like operas or it there first time seeing one but if your taking your kid(s),unless they’ve seen the middle finger put up and heard as well as kw how to spell the swear word that begins with b.

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