Spectacular Google Expedition!!!!!!

Posted by larchblog on Sunday Nov 20, 2016 Under Science.

Wednesday  16th November 2016

I first found out about the Google Expedition when I first put the headset up to my eyes. It felt absolutely amazing! It was like I was walking on the moon, flying through space and living upon the International Space Station. It felt like I was Superman flying round the planets like there were endless possibilities and nobody could ever stop me.

Then I was walking on the Moon with a person who planted the American National flag on the Moon. I was gobsmacked watching people stand on the Moon. Then the scene changed again.

This time I was floating in space and all I could see for miles around were stars and planets. It was flabbergasting!! I was honoured to be allowed to take part in the Google Expedition. It was amazing! It felt like I was going to be falling through space for all of eternity!!!!!

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