A Library of Lemons :)

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Library of Lemons

Author: Joe Cotterill

type: fiction

I love! this book so much – it’s about family and friendship and even when there are rough times, stay strong!!

Calypso has been going through rough times; ever since her mum passed away it was just her and her dad. Calypso’s dad talks non-stop about inner strength and that he didn’t need people. But did he?

Calypso loves reading books but when the new girl Mae came, Calypso learnt that she didn’t need inner strength because she had such an amazing friend. Mae and Calypso are always together but when Calypso goes home, her dad is in his library and throws himself into books, not caring about the world. It’s up to Calypso to feed herself and her father, cook, wash, and clean.

One day Calypso discovers that her mum’s part of the library is gone. And full of lemons!!! It was a library of lemons… Calypso has to do counselling and so does her dad. She discovers that other children are going through the same situation. Calypso’s Dad gets down in the dumps a lot so its up to Calypso to take care of him.

Mae, Calypso’s friend, is always there for her so they decide to share their passion of writing and spend hours together. Mae’s mum lets Calypso have sleepovers and helps out with everything.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK – THE ENDING MADE ME CRY TEARS OF JOY!!!!!! I wouldn’t recommend this book to children under 9 because it is hard to understand some parts though I think adults would love this too!!! I definitely would give this book a 5 star rating, it’s brill! I couldn’t put the book down, I had to keep on reading.

by Jasmin  age 10 

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