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Monday 14th November

We had only one class spot to fill and if we, as a class get all 10, we get a reward. As we discovered that, Ms Merriman asked us what we would Like as our reward I shot up my hand and asked to go to  Space. Ms Merriman said that she had a very surprise for us on Wednesday. We all became very ecstatic but the only clue we had was its something to do with Space and Wednesday 16th November is going to take awhile.

Wednesday 16th  November

It was after break, maths and I saw a man walking into school with Ms Merriman I thought he was just a supply teacher but I was going to find out he was much different than a supply teacher.

After lunch 2.00 – At 2.00 we had to collect these headsets we looked through them as soon as we got them and saw a big sign saying ready and we were sure ready. Soon, after some safety instructions, we looked through our headsets again and appeared on the Moon I was goingto fall but then I realized I was in school sat on my chair. Soon we went into a space shuttle and I started grabbing things which were not even there! Finally we went underwater and it was brilliant. I cant wait to learn more about space. I loved the headsets I really neeed one for Christmas! Thank you Google Expedition!









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