Beetle Boy. By Charlotte

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Book Review

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By M.G Leonard

This book is about a boy who has lost his mum because she died years ago and his dad has disappeared.  Darkus is fascinated by beetles and he finds a beetle friend a couple weeks after his dad disappeared. The beetle that he found will never leave him alone but he is very well behaved the beetle is called a rhinosaurus horned beetle Darkus named it Baxter the beetle. Darkus has lived with his uncle Max since his dad disappeared  just a couple of weeks earlier. His uncle is also fascinated by beetles as he let him keep it.

I would recommend this book to children in Y5-6 because it is quite a long book with confusing points and words.

This book is suitable for Y5-6 age 8,9,10,11, etc…, it has a lot of  long words and confusing bits.


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