Beetle Boy by M.G.Leonard

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BOOK TITLE: Beetle Boy

AUTHOR: M.G.Leonard

TYPE  OF  BOOK: Fiction

Beetle Boy is a lovely story, somewhere between an adventure and father and son love. Darkus’s dad is kidnapped by Lutrecia Cutter and it is up to him and his friends to work that out.  This book is a cliff-hanger as Lutrecia Cutter is a devilish monster beetle. Darkus gets a little friend and calls him Baxter.  Lutrecia Cutter’s child Novak helps them by taking risks against her monster mum. But Pickering and Humphrey are trying to sell the beetles in Humphrey’s room so it is up to Darkus and his friends to stop them. With their new beetle companions they are invincible. When they crack the case, the drama begins. Darkus is thrown through the air by Lutrecia Cutter. If I were him, I wouldn’t have gone against her as she is famous for being fierce.

My favourite line is: “Lutrecia Cutter was in a very bad car accident and walks on sticks” said Bertolt.

I would recommend this book to my best friend Lily because she likes mystery stories. We like the same stories and read the same things. She was the one who first told me about a Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

I would rate this book five star because it was very interesting and enjoyable to me because it hooked me in after the first few pages – I couldn’t stop. I felt as if  I was  there watching it all happen.

I think that 6 + would enjoy it most as there is lots of difficult words to master and confusing words even I got stuck on. Lots of the words I found were very interesting and it drew me in. I was very determined to see what happened next. I was very excited when I found there was another book to finish the story.

Reviewed by Rosie

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