Beetle Boy by Millie… :)

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Darkus, young and adventurous, life gets thrown into pieces. The story is like an 1000 piece jigsaw, fitting all the clues In until the last piece is worth all of it. Darkus life is a jigsaw, the hardest, first he loses his kind, warm-hearted mother then his dad goes missing, so Darkus is sent to live with his Uncle. Suddenly a beetle drops out his horrible neighbours trouser leg. Randomly and unusually this beetle wants to communicate! However, could it be a piece to the jigsaw?

I would recommend this book to people eight or over. This book has everything a book needs, excitement, drama and a bit of comedy here and there. I rated this book 11/10. I think you should not read the rest of the Leeds book award books and click buy to this. I don’t care if you need to slap it! Just buy it or read it… NOW

The author is called M.G Leonard/The best! I think she is the best author in history of authors because of her language and how she describes each character in detail. I thought this book was really funny and dramatic. It is a fiction story (I’m glad because I don’t want a beetle trying to communicate with me!) And it means it’s not real.

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