Beetle Boy

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Beetle Boy is a great book. It has some hard words in it so I recommend it to 9-11 year olds. I don’t think adults would like this book just because some of it is hard to believe. This book is about Darkus. His dad goes missing and the police give up searching. One day when Darkus finds a beetle strange looking and as large as a hamster he is intrigued and wants to know more the beetle follows commands. But what does Baxter the beetle have to do with his dads disappearance. As time goes on Darkus his friends and his uncle search for Darkus’s dad with a little help of beetles but as enemies such as the beetle like Lucretia Cutter and the daft cousins Humphrey and Pickering, it’s hard to find the truth especially when your wanted dead! Will Darkus and the beetles find his dad or will the truth never be revealed…?

I really liked this book and I think most people will its action packed and full of mysterious people. I didn’t want to put the book down!!!!

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