Cogheart by Peter Bunzl a fiction book

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The book is about a girl called Lilly who’s mum died in a car crash and her father went missing…
The main character Lilly is sent to boarding school where her guardian Madame Virgins tells her about her father going missing.  Her guardian starts to take over her and boss her about. Lilly’s life is based around mechanics and her secret identity. Her father is a famous mechanical builder he made Lilly a mechanimal called Malkin the fox who she thought was dead.  Malkin set off on a journey to find Lilly and hand-deliver a letter from her father. This book is full of lots of danger and is very thrilling. I l loved it. I would recommend this book to  my friends:  Ruby, Jasmin, Alyssa, Lilli and Lily. I think this book is suitable for year fives and sixes because it can be quite scary at times, quite joyous, and thrilling as well. I LOVED IT.

Reviewed by by Ava W

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