Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

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Cogheart is a mystery and adventure written by Peter Bunzl.  It is all about a young girl called Lily. When she finds out her father is missing, it brings back memories of her childhood. She is instantly taken back to her house. Lily’s Godfather is a good man or, perhaps, there a twist in the tale. Her new guardian Madame is a friend of some silver-eyed men that are after Lily. Could these silver-eyed men be behind the events Lily tries to ignore? Madame is ripping her house apart taking away her memories of Papa, and selling the mechanicals he made. Will the letter be the key to Lily’s heart? I rate this book 5 out of5. I would recommend this book to my best friend Rosie because she loves mysteries. This book is suitable for 10 to13 year olds who love adventures.

Lily C

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