Dear Diary…

Posted by larchblog on Sunday Nov 20, 2016 Under Uncategorized

In maths I found out that there was someone near our classroom with a lot of boxes and phones.  That’s quite interesting! Lemme look at the board Wow! Expedition? wonder what that is well we will find out later (I think) Well I have to go now bye! (meanwhile) … Now its lunch and my friend Luke keeps on saying that were gonna do VR (Virtual Reality) Now that’s very exciting (if it’s true). I know lots about VR So you just put a mask on and BOOM it looks like in somewhere new Like space on top of a building and more! Ive never done VR before so this is gonna be quite the trip well that’s all bye!! … LUKE WAS RIGHT!!!! were gonna do VR RIGHT NOW!!!! I’m so exited!!!!! sorry got a little crazy there. Any way we’re gonna be in space! That’s it space but I am still exited!  (Again) THAT WAS AMAZING it looked so real but everything was still were not only in space we were also UNDER THE SEA! For some reason I saw a diver What looked terrifying, poor Nemo!

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