I envy the fantastic 4 because they have powers but I also feel sorry for the fantastic 4 because I didn’t like it when victor died!

By Daniel A

2 Responses to “Do you envy or feel sorry for the scientists that turned into the Fantastic Four?”

  1. buckleyl Says:

    I envy the Fantastic Four because they get super powers which helps them to help and save the world and I don’t. However, I also feel sorry for them a little bit because non of them wanted this to happen to them especially Ben.
    By Isabelle M

  2. buckleyl Says:

    I feel sorry for them because first they got disqualified then they teleport themselves and they get powers and are scared of them.
    On the other hand, I envy them because I really like their powers because some of them are unique. you don’t get those sort of powers so that is why they are unique. By Ross

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