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Yesterday after my cello  lesson I saw on the bord it said ‘Expedition’.  I got so excited. A man called Scott came in and told us what to do and what not to do. When I put them on it felt like I was in a whole other dimension it was awesome!!!! When I was looking around I was so gobsmacked.  I also felt so lucky and special because not many schools get the chance to do what we got to do. The first thing we looked at was the Sun and Moon the looked so realistic. When I  looked around saw an arrow directing me to the Milky Way at first I thought it was the Astrobelt   but it wasn’t  it looked really cool and galaxy looking. Then we went to the  space station and it actually felt like there was no gravity and I was actually floating! It made feel really weird.  At the end of the expedition we got to look at the Great Barrier Reef.  When I looked up I saw a man scuba diving.  It made me go “ahh” really loud.!!! I  think this could benefit our learning because you can look at more than one thing it  is really fun. By Ava W

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