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Today was a very special day. I remembered Millie asking Ms Merriman to go to space when we got all our class spots and Ms Merriman told her to wait till Wednesday, today!

I came to school and went to my class, wondering what our surprise was and saw the word Expedition on the board after lunch. When everyone else came into class, they said we were going to space. We were going to space in one way and we weren’t in another but it was fun all the same! We were all excited for this afternoon and wondered in the whole wide infinite world what we were doing!

In maths we were all fully distracted because we saw Ms Merriman talk to someone who was setting out phones on a table. There was talk on our table they were our space trackers. I was so flabbergasted to see real phones and headsets in our classroom! When lunch finally came and left, we came in and found Scott, the Google expert, sorting out phones and head sets, apparently it was our space gear, but what we did was much cooler. I was called up first to get one, I looked through the eye holes and saw a 3D, real looking black tunnel with the word ‘ready’ at the end. Finally, it said connecting then it said ready again and we all saw space! I felt melancholy because I felt I was falling. We saw lots of scenes and the first one was my favourite, because we saw everything, the Milky Way, Sun Moon and Earth, we were closest to the Earth so it was the largest thing we saw on the first scene. We saw loads and it was very exciting then I had to go to class council. I was very sad I had to leave because it actually felt like we were in space! THANKS FOR LISTENING!
By Rosie B

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