Google Expedition

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Thursday 17th November

On Tuesday 15th November we got our 9th class spot and, Ms Merriman asked us what we prize we would like to have, when we get all our class spots, and Millie said ” Can we go to space?”  Then Ms Merriman said “You will have to wait until tomorrow, I have a surprise for you.”

The next day we saw on the board it said Google Expedition. We all wondered what we were going to do. In the afternoon Ms Merriman went out of the classroom and got this man called Scott, he was going to show us the Virtual Reality Google Expedition, Scott had brought in these head sets and he said he was going to take you to space. We put the head sets up against our faces, and we could see space.

When we looked around space we saw the Sun, Moon and Earth we also looked around inside a spaceship. I felt like I was going to fall even though I was sat on my chair. I found this Google Expedition very exciting, I was a bit nervous at first because I didn’t know what we were going to do. I still enjoyed it though. I forgot to tell you that we saw the Great Barrier Reef too.

By Charlotte L

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