Hansel and Gretel Opera North Leeds Grand Theatre. By Charlotte L

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On Wednesday afternoon, we went on a school trip to Leeds Grand Theatre to watch Hansel and Gretel. On the way there i sat with Evie M and in the Theatre I sat with with Evie as well, we were soooo exited that on the way me and evie didn’t stop talking so on the way back we had nothing to talk about. Mrs Coates, Miss Bingley and Mrs Merriman took us, in the Theatre there are comfy seats a nice view and all aroung the stage were patterns.

Eventually the show started and the whole Theatre went dark, and everyone gasped into silence, we were ll sooo exited.We went to see this show because we are going to do a performance , and weneed to see how they did it, but it was also nice to go on the school trip to the Leeds Grand Theatre to watch Hansel and Gretel.

This was a modernly performed show, the setting was in a house and they are ery poor so the hose hasn’t been very well looked after. There was an Orchestra down below thestage they were very good wth a little help from Christopher the conductor.

I would definatley reccomed this show to people over 7.

Here is what happend in the story

The mum and dad of Hansel and Gretel always argue because the dad go out and gets drunk and the mum works and gets cross because they are poor and he is spending money on alchol. When the mother came home the children made her cross so she accidentally knocked over her favorite jug and she sent them out to the woods not realizing that the wicked witch is in the forest. Jonathan said that there is something very weird about Hansels character because it is played by a girl because when men are boys they have a high pitched voice but because they are men they have deeper voices but when they are women they have higher voices . Hansel and Gretel used this projector to show us a close up of what they are doing . so they pretended that the barbie was the witch and and they used christmas things to create the forest it was veryyy creative. I loved it .

Thank you

Mrs Merriman

Miss Bingley


Mrs Coates!!!!!


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