Hansel And Gretel Opera!

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We had  arrived at the Grand Theatre in Leeds at half one we had arrived, we had gone on a coach at 1 o’clock and on the journey I sat next to Sam F and James R we Were now making our way towards the double doors that behind stored the Theatre Twenty seconds after we had gone through the double doors and now were trying to find our seats when I finally found my seat to my right Sam F sat next to me and to my left sat Ruby B.

After that it was just a matter of waiting after ten minutes the lights went out and all you could see was the Orchestra they then started playing then stopped playing after about five minutes then the curtains went up and that meant only one thing the show had began…

It started of as Hansel and Gretel we trying to dance Gretel was prancing like a fairy and Hansel was stomping like a troll. Gretel had to show Hansel the routine three times before he got it right when the mother got home you would think that she would be  happy because they wore bothy being nice to each other but she was fuming because the whole time they were dancing they should have being working.

If you have not gathered yet Hansel and Gretel were very poor and while the Mother  was chasing them around the room she nocked over the food for the weak she lost the plot she sent the children out to the woods to gather strawberries not knowing what the dangers were.

After that the father came home drunk like  he normally is and asked were the children were the wife said in the woods collecting berries are you a fool screamed the father that is were the witch lives what have you done and ran out of the door followed by the mother meanwhile Hansel and Gretel had just finished picking berries and were heading home when quick as a flash Hansel snatched the bag and ate all of the berries they quickly started again but when they had finished it was pitch black and they both could not see there way home.

They were both scare both scared and didn’t know what to do when out of nowhere sand man appears and says I have come to give you good dreams but they didn’t realise that she was under the command of the Witch Hansel and Gretel awake not feeling scared anymore but suddenly they see a house in the distance and they go and investigate it is a very nice house compared to theirs and in the house their was a kitchen and in that kitchen there was a fridge and in that fridge there was food the nicest food you could ever think of rice pudding, chocolate cake and many more…

They quickly started eating it they were delighted at how good it tasted but weirdly the heard s soft sound in the distance who is nibbling at my house Hansel and Gretel stopped stuffing their faces for a minute but then decided that it was just the sound of the trees there it was again who is nibbling at my house the decided again that it was just the trees but just as they said it someone came through the door it was the WITCH!

Ahhhhhh they both screamed who are you I am the Witch and I have come to gobble you up as quick as a flash the Witch grabbed Hansel and trapped him to the table and tolled him not t move till he is fat and plump what happened to Gretel you may ask she became the Witch’s servant for the time being Gretel my darling she said make me some cupcakes to fatten him up but Gretel wasn’t thick she knew that when she bent down to get the cupcakes out the Witch would push her in…

So she pretended to be dumb and said I don’t know how to do that so the Witch bent down to show her and Gretel and Hansel quickly jumped up and pushed her into the oven and that was the end of her suddenly ghosts appeared they said if you give us the magic touch we can see again off course that were the souls of the children that the Witch had killed Gretel quickly gave them the magic touch that gave them the power to see again they were so happy then the Mother and Father appeared but they didn’t see worried about there children but they looked a lot older wait they had stolen the Witches magic blender and gone forward in time when they wore rich then they all lived happily ever after the end.

After the show had finished we had a picture and after that we made our way back to the buss it was now five  o’clock and we had just got back on the bus like the other three schools were trying to do I again sat next to Sam F and James R we played I spy and a game that if you see a car that you want that is your car in the game I managed to get a Mercedes and a cargo truck we finally strived back at school around ten past five and we had just pulled up in the parking spot and was getting of the bus I had to go and get my stuff from inside of the class and then I went out of the door to see my Mum waiting for me she asked me if it was good and I said I was ok because nothing is perfect after that my Mum said were do you want to go for dinner because your sisters at rainbows so I said Gascoigne because they do excellent chips and barbeque ribs so we set of for the Gascoigne when I had finished I then went to go and collect my sister and then went home.

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