Hello, hola! Welcome back!

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Hello, hola! Welcome back! I’m really excited to be writing my first blog post as teacher of Larch Class. This year is going to be an exciting and fun one for us all.

We’ve already looked at our goals for Year 5. Many children have said they would like to improve their times tables and focus on being a good friend. Now we’re in Upper Key Stage 2, we really are top role models for the rest of the school. As such, we (along with Maple Class) have been given the responsibility of running this year’s A-Team as Sports Leaders. Everyone has now passed their assessment and has qualified as Leaders. This means we will be helping with games at play time and lunch time as well as helping our friends in Key Stage 1 by running fun activities for them. We’re really lucky to have a team of such positive leaders and PE kit to help make our games even more exciting.

In English we’re starting off with the classic tale of Beowulf, looking at characters and place settings. Place value is where we’re starting in maths but it’s also really great to know children are practicing their times tables as well as mental maths at home too. Sheets to help with memorising Roman Numerals and SPaG work have already gone home. In Larch, we’re great readers and want to hear about the books you’re reading at home – we expect you to be reading at least every night (this can be from a range of school books and appropriate genres you have at home).

Week 3 is particularly exciting; we have visitors from Jorvik Viking Centre. They’re going to be bringing some real Viking artefacts and teaching us all about this term’s topic. We look forward to seeing parents and carers at our Stay and Learn session too where they’ll get to join in with our learning with a fun Viking-themed challenge. Another highlight later this month will see Larch Class hosting a couple of students from China; how exciting!


3 Responses to “Hello, hola! Welcome back!”

  1. larchblog Says:

    Can’t wait to see what comes next ! So far it’s been a really good journey Millie

  2. anni Says:

    This new school year has been a positive start, however it came to my attention that the pen licences which the children worked so hard to achieve in year 4 have all now been removed and the children have to use pencil until they re-do the licence. If this is correct, it seems very cruel to me that the kids worked hard and achieved something and then it is taken back and they are made to do it all over again. If you pass an exam you pass it, surely taking away the award for the hard work deters them from trying hard in the future.

  3. merrimanl Says:

    Hello and thank you for your comment. I’m pleased you feel we’ve gotten this year off to a positive start! I think we have too!
    Pen licenses, across UKS2, have all been put on hold for the time being. The reason for this is that all children, with the 6 week holidays, have become a little rusty with their writing and letter formation. We’re also really stressing the extremely stringent national requirements for handwriting expected with SATs in Year 6.
    For the pen license, following the school policy and expectations, we expect that every piece of writing (e.g. Maths, Reciprocal Reading, Science, Topic, Homework, etc.) is all consistently and neatly presented. I’m sure it won’t be long for children to get back into the routine.
    I’m glad you’re helping out with your child’s handwriting! Thank you for your continued support.

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