Invisible Inc book review by James B

Posted by larchblog on Saturday Feb 18, 2017 Under Uncategorized

What is the book about?

Noah lives with his Mum in a house that used to belong to Baroness Jemima Smyth. His Mum is a scientist inspired by Jemima. Noah’s Mum found Jemima’s diary and completed her creation of a device that will make things disappear! Then a van that says ‘seerblight services’ on it stopped at their house.

Who would I recommend this to and why?

I would recommend this book to people who like spy stuff and adventure and epic battles because if you like them you have come to the right book!

What ages is this book for and why?

I would say about 7 plus because there is no things that 7 year olds wouldn’t understand. Apart from the letters they use for screaming. 

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