Jorvik Viking experience!

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Jorvik people came to our school to tell us all about the Vikings !

First we learnt about how they lived , do you know ?  in a really small Viking house 8-16 people lived in there ! ,they also wiped animal poo or their poo on the houses if they had any gaps or holes in them ! . Their toilet was just a basic hole in the ground ! .

Secondly we learnt about costumes and sagas!

First we saw all the clothes and things , then we learnt that they used flowers to dye the clothes there was 3 different seeds that they used , after that we played a little game we got a little bit of paper and on it it said what you needed to dress up in I was a landowner so I went for this apron type thing with a multi-coloured belt! .

Last we learnt about battle tactics and when you went to fight

First we learnt  ladies can actually go to fight aswell as men too , we also learnt about the axes and swords , in everyday life you would use an axe for cutting down trees but the Vikings used it for fight a lot there was also a throwing axe which you and a partner stand far apart and you throw the axe at them then they throw it back then it kills you it basically means that your giving them a tool ( so don’t do that ! ) always use your cheap but good one because when you come to fight you will not like to break your good and expensive one because if you get it ruined you will of just wasted your money.

by Evie m !!


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  1. merrimanl Says:

    Well remembered, Evie! I was surprised by but liked hearing about the gender equality in Viking times too.
    It was interesting learning about their clothing too. Did you like your landowner’s posh garb?

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