Larch Class take on the Fantastic Four!

Posted by buckleyl on Thursday Nov 5, 2015 Under Uncategorized

This afternoon, all of Upper Key Stage 2 visited the cinema to view the brand new Fantastic Four film. Classes then spent the afternoon using their inspiration to complete a range of creative writing activities.


Read on to hear some of the thoughts that the movie inspired!

4 Responses to “Larch Class take on the Fantastic Four!”

  1. buckleyl Says:

    I would like to have Mr Reads power because if you don’t want to get up you can just reach out for a cookie jar which is on a high shelf. By Samaira.

  2. buckleyl Says:

    Susan because she could make a force field or destroy the world. If I had that power I would save earth from meteors. By Morgan.

  3. buckleyl Says:

    I think Susan had the best power because she can form a force field to save people from getting in danger also she was working in a team which.

    And I also think Johnny Storm was really action packed, because he could shoot fire out of his hands and he also worked as a team. By Gabrielle

  4. buckleyl Says:

    I like Gabrielle’s comment because she thought about what she put and she chose the same character as I would have. Oceana

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