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This time Larch went to Leeds Grand Theatre to see Hansel & Gretel.

We left at 13:oo  and got on the coach . I was partners with Maddy  T.

When we got to L-G-TH when we went into L-G-TH one look at it

and I new it  was the best theatre ever . It was amazing the theatre

was set out beautifully . They only used one scene and used a camera

so if you put it in a fridge , food would project around the room.

They sang every word on their script. My favorite part was when Gretel put

fireworks in the oven with the witch in it . It made me jump!

My favorite character was the witch because she was very sneaky.

The mum & dad’s relationship is horrible the dad is always

drunk . The Mum thinks he’s a fool

The family blames everything on each other.

Lily c

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