Leeds Grand Theatre

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On Wednesday 22nd February Larch Class, set off on a journey to Leeds Grand Theatre to watch an opera version of Hansel and Gretel. That means that the actors will sing all their lines

we all buzzed about in our seats. It took a while until the music started but it was worth it. The music was amazing. It was great how they all worked together. There was lots of different instruments including violins, Chellos , drums and lots more of other instruments.

Soon enough, the performance started and the singers/ actors came on. Gretel was a playful girl who likes dancing. However Hansel does not like dancing. Hansel was played by a girl because when boys are young they have a higher voice. The dad was a drunk man and he slaps the mother. Cross because they are a poor family the mother is not a very happy character. The mother and father both argue a lot.

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