My gruesome viking experience

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I loved the viking experience !! In the morning after register we went into the hall and we first learnt about where the vikings traveled to.  They visited loads of countries like Iceland, Greenland, Russia and Britain. After that we learnt about their lives and where they did their business. After lunch break we talked about weapons and about the gods. We also dressed up like vikings and then we had  a shield war where some of us  got a sword and some of us got a shield. They were wooden and we had lot’s of fun doing it and by that time it was time to go back to class and get ready to go home. By the end of the day I had learnt lots, I loved it, it was the best time I had at school. Thanks to school we got to have a great experience about the vikings that came from the jorvik center in York.

By Ruby B

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  1. merrimanl Says:

    Great memory of Viking geography!

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