My Viking experience by James B

Posted by larchblog on Thursday Sep 22, 2016 Under Uncategorized

When the people from Jorvik came to school to teach us it was so much fun! I learnt a lot more about Vikings and had a great experience!

Before break they talked to us about Viking items like deer antlers and wolf fur and lots of other cool stuff. After break we got to dress up as Viking people. I was a fisher. After dinner we got to battle. We got either a sword or a shield and we had to shout THOR or ODIN at the other team then walk up to the other team and shield lock. It was so fun!

3 Responses to “My Viking experience by James B”

  1. merrimanl Says:

    The battle was fierce! Which team were you on?

  2. larchblog Says:

    awesome james

  3. James B Says:

    I was on the team Odin

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