Opera North Came In!!! :) By Beth

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On Monday I  had completely forgot about the Opera North thingy, however I was dead excited! When we went  into the we well we WERE BOUNCING ABOUT LIKE FROGS ON TRAMPOLEENS!!! Then the 3 men, Adam, John and Michael, introduced themselves. We played 2 games. The first one was were we clapped our hands in time together and then they clapped and then they clapped and then – OH YOU GET THE PICTURE!

The next game was were we had to react to what Michael did! IT WAS SO FUNNY! Some of us went wrong and when we did, the micky was taken. This one is not really a ‘game game’ its more of um… a game? Anyways we had to stop when John yelled STOP!!!

We did this thing called a Freeze Frame. After that John told us (well gave us) what we were doing (Well Freeze framing) (Also by given, I mean John just gave us a piece of paper).

After the Freeze Frame, we sang and danced and FINALLY I told Michael and John my big sister was an actress! We all shouted thank you and trodded of to the classroom and slumped into our chairs.

Returning to the classroom for home, we all were a bit negative after we got all happy and worked up in the hall. We were all humming and tapping our feet to all the catchy songs we learnt! 🙂 I really enjoyed the experience I am excited for the next workshop! 🙂 =) 🙂

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