Opera north play Handsel and Gretel by Ruby B

Posted by larchblog on Thursday Mar 2, 2017 Under Uncategorized

On Wednesday afternoon, Larch class went to Opera North grand Theatre to see Hansel and Gretel I sat with Jasmin on the coach we couldn’t stop talking about what it was going to be like we got there and I ran up the stairs and sat down .

The voices were extraordinary and so was the Opera they preformed amazingly. Handsel had to be a girl for the high pitched voice the witch was my favorite.

they also used a camera to do all the sens and it projected every where, floor, ceiling,   every where it was so amazing to look at.

me and jasmine went back on the coach and we had nothing to talk about I was astonished. thank you  miss merriman and mrs coats and miss bingly.


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