Opera Quest! by James B

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On Monday 15th January, I had just come into school when I saw that on the timetable it said ‘Opera North workshop’. I was so excited!

When it finally got to the moment, we lined up to get in the hall. When we got into the hall there were 3 people:  Michael, Jonathan and Adam. They told us that they were doing a thing called OperaQuest!

Next we did an awesome game. It was where we clapped to the next person and then they clapped to the next person for them. A bit like a Mexican wave. After a while we started doing 2 at a time. That was when it got hard!

The second game was called ‘hip hop’. If Michael said ‘hip’ you had to say ‘hop’ and do the action. He kept adding on more things like if he said ‘gingerbread house’ you said ‘come in my pretties’ in a witchy voice. If Michael said ‘call the cops’ you had to say ‘run for it’ and then you would swap places with somebody.

The third and final game was where you had to make a freeze frame of a certain setting. This game was my favourite. My team’s first setting was that the Mum was sitting on the sofa crying. The second scene was that the Dad came in and told the Mum about an evil witch that lives in the woods. I was the Mum…

but it was so fun!

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