Panamanians visit GLPA

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Larch Class enjoyed a special lesson from a teacher who was visiting GLPA from Panama. We learned some key phrases in Spanish before getting the opportunity to ask questions about Jose’s home country.

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  1. Morgan Says:

    Going to the university was like going to a castle. We only saw a little bit of the university and it felt like it was 3 miles long. As I entered the hall my eyes were like humungous marbels. The first thing we did was split into groups, my group first looked at bactiria and saw how much was on our hands with a uv light. Secondly we made a geneticlyade string by adding water to food coulering then you add a substace that comes from oil.
    Then we grabbed it with tweaser and pulled it out.
    Next we went to the heart examagnation area were we could hold a real sheep heart. I thought I was going to through up but I didn`t. We also saw how much are heart pumped after exercising mine was 135 beats a minute.
    However then we did a game on cancer. We all failed Fergal almost failed with a cheating device.
    Now we were on o csi:cloverfield. are mission was to see who stole the doughnut it was a dog called santas little helper.
    Finally we went to the brain section. We found out the front of your brain acumalates fear, the middel of your head did balance, the sides of your head did hearing and the back of your head did sight also we could hold a rat brain fergal loved thati didn`t sadly that was the end of the tour but i would love to come back.

  2. larchblog Says:


    It was so awesome to have someone from the Panama to teach us Spanish. I love Spanish so much because I personally think Spanish is a very intresting language to learn about. It was an awesome experience to go through hopefully something will happen like this again in the future in Green Lane Primary Academy .

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