Positive post-it day!

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Here are examples of some of the post-its placed by Larch Class around our room today. View the comments to see some virtual post-its from our day of positivity.

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  1. mackenzie Says:

    Wow Mr Buckley, my post it said “we are all specil like churros in hot chocalate”.

  2. Josh I Says:

    Positive post-it day is were you write awesome comments about someone else. It all started 3 years ago when a girl got bullied and thought that she shoud start a day that people would write on a postic note and it woud say something nice about them.

  3. Georgia Says:

    Posative postit day is about saying posative things on
    posit notes and you write posative things like YOU MAKE MY DAY !

  4. morgan Says:

    That is so awesome!

  5. Gabrielle Says:

    Just Remember THINK POSETIVE NOT NEGATIVE! Sticks And Stones May Brake My Bones But Words Will Never Hurt Me! 🙂

  6. OceanaF + HarrisonG Says:

    Today is postive postick day. we stuck poastics around the cassroom. we stick poastick noats because of a girl that was geting bullied ; she changed the world by righting nice things on a posatick noat and that made people noatice that she was upset then lots of people started to use them to tell people nice things about them.

    be postive because you might end up like Anikan skywalker he was not postive and became darth vader and i think being postive is good because your not just making your self happy your making other peaple happy around you to be postive there is a a good rule dont be sad no matter what.

  7. larchblog Says:

    Leah and Beth’s Poem

    Positive Post-it Day Poem

    You light up my world like a million stars in the sky,
    We are an awesome class when we work together.
    Your always postive even when things are tough through life,
    We are like diamonds in the sky.
    Everyone shines in their own way,
    You are like a marshmallow covered in milk chocolate with strawberry sauce and rainbow sprinkles dipped in white chocolate.

    By Beth P and Leah B

  8. larchblog Says:

    I really like that poem. It inspires me very much.


  9. Margaret R and Bryony L Says:

    Positive post-it day is where you write something that is positive for example about Class, Friends or yourself. We might be asked to learn about certain things.

    Our Virtual Post-It:
    Whenever the mood is miserable and the sky is grey, you are there to make all of that go away! You can flow your ideas to help others and to keep the different ways of special skills.

  10. Morgan and charlie Says:

    Have an epic day bro from Charlie.

    Positive postit day is when you write a positive thing on a postit note mine is:
    You are awesome

  11. Emily and Fergal Says:

    Today was Positive post-it day, which is where you write positive things on post-it notes and stick them all aroud the school and on your face!!!{some people in Larch did this for fun}
    In Larch we wrote 3 different notes one for yourself, one for another person also one for the class. Theese are ours for the class;

    We are the best,Larch rule
    This class is awesome

    This morning on the way down to assembly we saw a lot of notes that the teachers had put up and then the whole assembly was telling us what today was all about and how it started.

    By Emily and Fergal

  12. Harry Says:

    Positive postit day is about sharing different positive things about somebody or something.

  13. isabelle m Says:

    positive post day is a day where you write positive things about people to make them happy. some times you can write something that you think will make them happy and enjoy there day.

  14. Macey B and Ross M Says:

    Today is posiive post-it day. It is were you say something positive about someone.This is how positive day was advented. well so a girl was bullied at her own school. people was calling her names like, nerd and nasty names.Her techer told them a rhyme and when no one was playing with her she said remember what miss said. Then she was annoyed about it so she advented positive post-it day. here is a positve comment to you, you are very talanted.

  15. Neve.H. Says:

    Today was positive post-it day!
    It started when a little girl was bullyied by a boy and she didn’t like it!!! She wanted to change that. So she started this thing called positive post-it day it is were people put nice coments on post-its about someone else!
    And now people are doing it in schools now!

  16. William and samaira Says:

    You give every body postive words on a post-it note. It all started when a little girl got bullied.Instead of getting upset she took the matter in her hands and made up positive post-it day.

  17. larchblog Says:

    Positive post-it day,
    We had a brilliant positive day!
    Everyone writing positive notes,
    And amazing quotes.
    loads of post-it notes in the school,
    and thats really cool!!

    By Izzy P and Erin W

  18. Charlie T and Matthew M Says:

    Today is posotive postic note day.Today we wrote posotive things on notes like you are awsome well done and epic man standing here. Its inportent to say posotive things to people because it makes them feel good and happy.

  19. Mrs T Prince Says:

    Thank you Larch Class for making this an amazingly positive day!

  20. Dan Bright Says:

    Fantastic comments Larch! I’m feeling the positivity from your blog! It was a great day wasn’t it? Can you say positive things to each other every day – that’s the challenge for all of us!! 🙂

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