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At the start of the school year there was a vote, the vote was about which boy and which girl should be class councillor. Kian, the day before, had spent two hours choosing what to say unlike me, who scribbled something down with the help of Jake, Eddie and Lily. Rosie and I got the most votes but Kian must have been close.

If you’re a class councillor, like all class councillors, you get a badge. It’s all gold except from the front, which is green, on the green going low to high is wrote “SCHOOL COUCIL” the word school is wrote above the word council, around it are gold lines. The badge is in the shape of a shield. There’s only 6 chances to get it. If you’re a Year 6 now, you can’t get it.

It’s nice to have the badge and be a class councillor, but consequently, it means you get work to do in break and lunch time as well as A-team, but that’s an entirely different story. Some of the work we’ve recently done was about playground markings. (I’m sure if I’m allowed to tell you but we’re getting 2 football pitches and a running track.)Nevertheless, I still like been a class councilor.

In other words, not many people get to be a class councillor, making it more special. You collect everybody’s thoughts (some that they might not want to tell a teacher) and then tell then to the school councilor leader, Mrs Reveley.

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