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Larch Class visited the University of Leeds yesterday to experience an afternoon of science discovery. Our scientific enquiry was stimulated through conversation with experts by using exciting equipment to conduct tests and experiments. Read the comments to hear the children’s thoughts of the day.

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22 Responses to “That’s science!”

  1. mackenzie Says:

    Wow Mr Buckley this is great, My best bit was CSI SPRINGFIELD because i love solving problems and crimes. After that me and my group went to this plants and seeds activaty were we had to sort the food into groups of fruit and veg it was ok. Next we went to our last activaty that was the best because we made a liquid into a solid and lerned about acid and natral objects.

    by Mackenzie c

  2. Fergal D Says:

    I liked the lerning about the heart i even got to hold one along with the BRAINS. I learnt you have
    100,000,000,000 neurones in your brain and thats why you have all them creases

  3. Beth Says:

    My favourite part was testing how water was safe to drink. We put red cabige into a beacker full of boiling hot water, then we stirred it. After that, we got a pipette and put some of that water into an other beacker and if it turned pink is was NOT safe to drink because it was acid. However, if it turned blue it was noutral and safe to drink. Finally if it turned green it was alkali, that was also not safe to drink.

  4. harry j Says:

    What i most enjoyed about the science trip:

    The the part where we got the mini rocket and took
    it to the launch pad and launched it. Mine went the
    highest up. You had to try catch it, I caught it.

    I also liked the part when we did the bactria wash;
    that was fun too. Once we finshed that, we went on to the french naming. It was funny because one of the nuts was called a bum nut.

  5. Margaret & charile s Says:

    I looked at about the neurones in the human brain and we looked at the human body with a simulator.

    Everybody, in Larch and some yr4s, found different stations and learnt new things that they’ve never experienced before.After that, we moved onto other exciting bits of the enjoyable day and things whizzed around our strong,muscular heads.

  6. matthew m Says:

    Me and Charlie had a moniter on our finger that mesured how many times our heart beated per minute. I guesed 100 but mine was 95. After exersise I thought it would go up by 100 so it would be 195 but it wai 117. Charlies was 63 at first then it went up to 194.We also had a look through a microscope to see which bactaria was the same.

  7. Izzy Pr Says:

    I really enjoyed the science trip because we got to use equipment that I have never used before in school. My favourite bit was the table that was about how they cure cancer.There was alot of different tables there. There were ones that had animals on, ones that had cemicals on and lots more. The most interresing fact of the day I thought was that you can make milk out of a palnt called soya bean.So that is why I loved the science trip!!!

  8. Samaira B Says:

    On the 22nd March 2016 Larch class went on a sience trip. we went in groups. the first activity that I did was were we mush up strawberries;put them in a special container,add water in and collect the DNA. After that we learned about exersice so we did a step up challenge and I did 30 step ups In 30 seconds.Then we learned about keeping healthy and clean.So we practised washing our hands and we looked at our hands,with a torch to see how many germs I have In my hands.I enjoyed everything I did and It was really fun.

  9. jay Says:

    leeds university

    At leeds we all did lots of things like eploring brains and
    other things. My favroute is the obese one. You had to do
    step ups with a vest full of sand which made it extremly hevy to step up. I did 14 step ups.

    I also liked the jumping thing because i got maxamun
    hight and it told me about the spine and spinal cord.

  10. WILLIAM R Says:

    i liked the science trip because i got to hold a rat brain but lukily i had to wear gluves . While holdig the rat brain i told them i had enough because i was about to faint and then i was sick.However i liked the jumping part when you jump on a spot and throw a ball in a hoop, after that it tells you how much energy youve burnt i burnt five dot thats alot.I learnt all about seeds and roots you need seeds to hold plants up.I also learnt about what plat seed so acorns can be planted by a squirul .The nerves in your body are very small so if you step on a pieceof lego it rushes through to your brain and then you would say ouch but all your brain is crunched up so all your blood cells and your vanes.We got to match up what is made out of tomato ketchup was tomatos,chrips was potatos ,beetroot was made of beetroot.

  11. Leah Says:

    It was a fun trip to go on as I learnt new things that we dont have the recources for in school. My group leader was called Frankie and she took us to all of the stations. I held a mouse’s brain and i was discusting. I were nearly sick. It were very small though. I learnt whch parts of your brain does what. I did a step up thing where we all got to step up on a board but there was a twist. Someone did it with nothing on them. Then someone did it with a really heavy jacket on them so they felt as if they were obese. Then someone else had a jacket on and then a straw in their mouth as if they were obese and they smoked.

  12. Emily.R. Says:

    My group went through many of the stalls that were set up at the uni yesterday.My favourite one was were we got to holdand feel strimps,crabs and muscles but they all lived in fresh water and not salt water.My group had loads of fun at that stall as we named all of the sea creatures.As there was 2 crabs we named the older one John and the younger one Johnny!
    I loved yesterday as i had never really been interested in science until yesterday as that was a amazing opertuntity for me and my other classmates.

  13. ross Says:

    When we went to the university it was like a castle. It was so big. If you played hide and seek in it it would be impossible to find anyone because it so big.
    We went there to learn about sience. It was so fun. It got me in the feeling of wanting to be a SIENTIST.
    We got to go on different desks to learn about different things. We got to hld cocked and raw sheep. It was gruesome. we also got to make are own rocket and see who’s went the highest.We alsogot to were lab coats and sience glasses. also so gloves to protect us.
    We were tought by teachers nd student. They were very kind and were very smart.
    My favourite bit was the prosthetic. They are replacements you get when you brake a bone in your body sometimes. We got to learn about olden day ones and mpdern day ones.

  14. Oceana F Says:

    Yearstday i learnt alot of new things . My favrout bit was the bee stand with the lady because i learnt that a QUEEN bumle bee lays 2000 babys a day and the queen bee lives up to 4¬5 years old and she is only aloud to come out of her nest 1 in that 4 to 5 years of life and a QUEEN honey bee only live for 1 year and it is aloud to come out of its nest all day everyday i rally enjoyed all of it thank you for letting us come

    oceana f :]

  15. Neve.H. Says:

    My favourite stall was the one where we made nuerones out of pipe cleaners. I thought that it was very fun!!!!! Then at the other side of the stall there were rat brains and teenie tiny little yellow mouse brains. That’s the one that I held.I got a free pencil at the end!!!!! Also at the end i got a sweet!!! I enjoyed it and i hope that i get to go again!!!! And i hope to go when i’m older!!!!!!

  16. Josh Says:

    It was awesome.I hads lots of fun doing everything. The best thing was trying to pop the plastic off the lid.You had to stick the brocken tablet to some blue tack and then you put it on the lid.Then put the vinigar in the cup then turn it upside down and wait for it too pop. Thank you teachers for the great day.


  17. Hannah Says:

    Our Science Trip to University of Leeds!

    Can I just say that thank you to Mr Buckley and Mrs Prince or Mr Wynn at our school for booking this for us it was one of my best experiences ever in science in my whole life. I have never ever really been intrested in science in my life. Never ever. But when we did this yesterday my whole mind exploded about science. It was amazing to go round and look as many as we could of the stalls in the sport hall at the University. I think if we had chance to do all of the stalls they would all have been my favourite. I just can’t choose it is impossible! But ther was one of the stalls that stood massivly out to me well two of the stalls. My favourite one was where we got to go and learn about creature and the three were the crabs shrimps and the lobsters one of the creatures we got to strook. It was mind blowing to learn about three creatures that I’d never really imagened to see or learn about. We got to learn about where they come from what the like and what they don’t like. IT WAS AMAZING,MIND BLOWING,EXTRAODINARY. The second one was where we got to make liquid into solid like jelly. What we did was we had these tubes and we sucked up some water and squeezed it out in to the coloured water [i can’t really remember what it was called the liquid.] It was amazing to see you could turn it into solid jelly by the small amount of things that we used to make it solid. But the most stand out bit at that stall was that we got given at the end a sweet which ws delicious. This whole experience made me actually more intrested in science eventhough I probably will not be a scientist when I am older. THANKYOU AGAIN TEACHERS!!!!!

  18. Charlie Says:

    Me and Matthew both held a sheeps heart. We both saw the tubes which all the blood ran through. I even had to put my finger down the tube of were the blood goes to the brain. Matthew looked through and saw a bit of muscle. But if you looked closely you will see hard fat on the heart. He didnt look very healthy. I also held a mouses brain; it was tiny and if you comared it to ours you would see a big difference. Matthew held a rats brain, it was slightly bigger than the mouses brain and it had a funny gray line down the middle. Matthew accidently dropped the brain onto my shoe. Now for the most descusting part I held a rodents spinal cord. It was a very fun day I had lots of fun.

  19. isabelle m Says:

    I enjoyed all the activities on the science trip! It was awesome, fun and exiting! I learned a range of new things; my favourite activity was the cancer reaserch one. Here, you had to throw balls into cups to feed the right medicine for the right type of cancer.

  20. Macey B Says:

    My favourite part was holding a rats brain because I know how many brain cells are in you. There are 100 billion brain cells in you. It was so fun. The brain was very wet. I got to learn about balanced diets. If people are fat I know how it feels because I got to wear a fatsuit. I am healty so I know how it works. I got to organise which food goes with which plant. I loved it!

  21. Gabrielle Says:

    SCIENCE WAS AWESOME. We got to do many different things,like taste HONEY! I was a bit bitter but nice it made me feel like i was in a bubble bath a warm one oh what heavenly dreams. We also got to put sheeps raw liver into a chemical, it broke apart and bubbles cme all the way up

  22. larchblog Says:

    my faveourite bit was when I got to see the pressure in my spine when I jumped onto the sensor.
    when the screen showed my spine pressure,there was red in the middle of my spine!


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