The Day The Vikings Came To School .

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Last week the Vikings came to our school, well they weren’t real Vikings they were Viking know it all’s from Jorvik in York.  We got lined up and went into the hall early morning, I felt so excited my heart was pounding.  The hall felt empty but there was 2 adults , one lady one man standing at the front of the hall. They were dressed as Vikings.  The girl with her bright blue silky long dress. The man, dark red top and brown trousers.

We all sat down and straight away we got into learning. The first topic what we did was pretty much things which you would have found lying around the house, for example cups, spoons, fur strands, coins and we learnt about furniture.  They had everything on the list I just wrote and it was real Viking things which we got to hold.  Everything was delicate.  After break we walked back in the hall and surprisingly there was loads of clothes and cloths sturdily placed on the benches, one side was girls and the other boys.  We all got a piece of card and partners, the card had what would you be written on it,  I got a wood turner.  I was thrilled with what I got.  Me and my partner carefully chose a long pink dress with a dark grey apron!! The lady said that i did a good choice of clothing. We all got our photo taken and then it was time for lunch.

After lunch we all rushed in the hall, especially me!! We all finally settled down and then we got to learn about Viking battles and their weapons. I felt excited.  We got to learn the parts of a sword and an axe.  I found out that there were 2 types of axes , one for throwing and the other for slaying.  At the end we all got into teams , I was in team 4.  We had to take big strides forward and shout “THOR”,  the other team shouted “ODIM”. At the end we all giggled and sadly the viking experience was over.

I had a great time

– Jasmin Ch


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  1. merrimanl Says:

    Lovely to read your first blog post! A great, descriptive summary of the day!! Glad you enjoyed it!

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