The Extremely dangerous Journey of the yorkshire rows.

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Dear mum I am out in the middle of the ocean I’m tired and exhausted, also very hungry I want to eat and eat and eat but the food on

the boat it is very dry and you will want to eat moist food just like me !!! It would be better if we had dry clean clothes therefore it would be  better if we had a bigger bed to sleep in. The toilet is a bucket and when we have been to the toilet we have to through it out to sea. I wish that I could be at home with you now to give you a big hug and to see you open your presents at Christmas by the way I put my presents from me to you under the tree however it wont be as good as opening them without me!!! will you be ok without me? Actually I think you’ll be ok. as I used the oars  I hit a big fish and a few little fish I didn’t want to hit them however I accidently did I felt sorry for them!!! Just to give you a little advice never come out to sea!!! Its cold and dreadful and horrible at storm!!!


Hope I see you soon!!! Lots of love Neve xxxxx



by Neve H.


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