The journey of the Yorksire Rows

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In class we wrote letters to our family pretending that we were one of the team.
heres a bit of mine.

Dear Johnathen,Lola and Steven

How sare you? Also how was Christmas? I really hope that you got all the presents you wanted! Everyday i wish to be with you all.

I have had to work extreamly hard on our boat ‘Rose’ because she can’t row herself across the Atlantic ocean! On xmas day we had a very plain and boring dinner wich was dried turkey and some water and for dessert energy bars! It wasn’t all that bad though! Although it was xmas day we still had to stick to our original everyday timetable. Which is two hours rowing for two of us whilst the other two sleep and then every two hours we swap ove.Time passes very quickly when on a boat!

Furthermore, we have to make our own water with a special machine wich can sometimes be super hard! The reason for this is because the electricaty on Rose is poor and is nothing like back home. We don’t have WI-FI or any phones and tablets as we are on water it would be extreamly dangerous.

On the other hand, when I’m using the oars I need to be very careful because one of the others actually hit a school of fish! Already we have seen dolphins, flying fish and turtles maybe when we get closer to the finish line some great whites! In addition, we have to watch out as other boats could come spinning towards Rose.

This trip is very emotional because you don’t know what’s around the next corner. One minute we can be really happy and the next minute we can be sad and missing you guys. A few days ago we were all super scared because a tornado hit the sea! That’s when we were dead busy because we had to angle the boat away so that we didn’t get sucked in or get injured.

I’m going to tell you all something now never try this journey in your life! Because you might end up seriously injured. Anyway less of the chit chat its time for my rowing session. See you all in a few weeks.

love from


An informal letter by Emily R

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  1. larchblog Says:

    well done you did good!!!!

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