The most inspiring book !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Library of Lemons by Jo Cotterill is a heart felt story because there is a girl called Calypso and she is always stuck into books because her mum died five years ago.  Calypso and her dad there is hardly any food in the fridge. Calypso’s dad is always in his library and never comes out.

One day a new girl came up to Calypso at school and asked if she wanted to play with her but Calypso mumbled, “no thank you.” “Okay.” said the new girl called Mae then Mae made Calypso’s name in twigs. She found that a bit weird but quite nice at the same time.

Mae and Calypso became best of friends and Calypso went round to Mae’s house every day after school but little does Calypso know what is in the cabinets in her dad’s Library of Lemons.

I think this book is for anyone who likes friendship and sadness this book made me want to cry.

By Ruby B

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