The Viking Workshop by Charlotte

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When the Viking came to visit us, we had lots of fun and we learnt lots of things, about what the Vikings would wear and what they would use in battle.

In the morning we passed around some objects that the Vikings would have used, such as coins, animal fur and antlers.

After break we were talking about what the Vikings would wear.The Vikings would wear cloths depending on what there job is, so a wood turner is not an important job but so you would wear some older cloths, but a wise woman is an important job so you would were some fancy cloths. Me and my partner dressed as a wood turner.

In the afternoon we were talking about the weapons that the Vikings would use in battle, they would use spears, bow and arrow, swords and daggers/knife. A spear is a long type of sword so you can get people from far away. A bow and arrow means, that the arrow will fly through the air, so that it will get people unexpectedly. Swords, daggers and knives are meant for stabbing people close up.

I enjoyed it when we were with the Vikings.

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  1. merrimanl Says:

    I really liked looking at the artefacts, especially the brooches the wise, wealthy women would have worn and also seeing how the Vikings shaped the spoons from the horn. Which object did you like best?

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