The Yorkshire Rows journey across the Atlantic

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Recently in larch class we have been looking at the Yorkshire rows as part of our geography topic “Raging Rivers and Deep Seas”As part of out topic we did a letter to our families pretending that we were one of the team.

Here is a bit of mine hope that you enjoy.

Dear  mum and dad

Right now I am in the middle of the ocean and I am dead busy. So how was your Christmas? I wish I were with you enjoying Christmas, however I am still enjoying it here.


For the equipment we have a machine that  takes out all the salt out of the water. we also have a compos to tell us were we are going. For our food we have dried snacks. We will cheerfully have our food when it is our turn. Our toilet is a bucket and we have such tiny beds.


Every week, I feel tired for rowing for two hours but never mind we can see sea animals.  But I did not see any dolphins ,which is my favourite. In addition to this I love the view.

By Samaira B


2 Responses to “The Yorkshire Rows journey across the Atlantic”

  1. larchblog Says:

    wow that is amazing writing well done Samaira

  2. C Thom Says:

    Great fun reading all the children’s letters to the Yorkshire Rowers and it#s been great following their progress through the eyes of the children

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