Thoughts from anti-bullying week

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Mackenzie’s poem

Every day I am hit hard

Every day I am kicked

cyber, physical it does not matter

they all hurt me in a way so please stop bullying me.


Isabelle says, “If you’re being bullied don’t keep it inside tell an adult because it will just get worse.”

Gabrielle says, “Be a buddy not a bully!”


On the anti bullying video we saw a girl who was  eating her lunch. People were putting rude things on her back. These included words that were written on sticky notes. She was walking down the hallway of the school and lying to people that she was ok but she was not. Then a group of girls came over and took all the sticky notes off  her and put them in the bin. She also made friends with the people who were bullying her. The video made me feel sad because people were being  mean to her. By Ross M


I have learnt what types of bullying there are. They include cyber and physical. Oceana.

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