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At the start of the day Larch got a class spot meaning one more class spot and then Larch get a treat. Millie suggested going to space, Mrs Merriman said to wait until Wednesday. I didn’t know what was to come.


When I got in class I saw on the whiteboard that at the end of the day it said Expedition; I didn’t know what it meant. Skip a few hours to when it was time for the Expedition, since the start of the day there were loads of Samsung phones on charge in the shared area. A man called Scott got a load of Virtual realty headsets out from a bag. They had a place for your nose, a place for a phone and two pieces of plastic to look through. Scott placed the Samsung into the slot for phones. When we got them we were told to always stay sat down and if it said ready to put them down.

The first picture was of space, you could see the Sun, Moon, Earth and stars. Mrs Merriman controlled what we saw on the phones. Mrs Merriman taped on the Moon and a arrow pointed to the Moon. Then we saw a picture of a space ship, a man was getting in and it was on the Moon. You could see the footprints. Then we went back to floating in space. I had to go to Class Council so the last picture I saw was in a space ship.

By Sam F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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