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A couple of days ago I was standing by my place when my teacher says “When we get all our class spots, what shall we do?” Then Millie says “CAN WE GO TO SPACE!?!?” But then my teacher gives a look; then I wonder.


Then the next day, I’m my smiggle pencil case down, when I looked at the board and it says after lunch… EXPEDITION! I start to wonder.

In maths well the end of maths I saw someone (who is called Scott) from Google was putting a bag full of down I was excited for lunch.

When I walked through Larch door I was FLABBERGASTED!!! There was loads of VR head sets on one table! When we eventually put them on WE WERE IN SPACE! I tried to touch the Moon AND there was a space station! Also randomly we went to Great Barrier Reef! When I looked up I saw a diver trying to grab me! Now I know how Nemo felt!


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