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Today’s Stay and Learn was pretty epic!  Everyone’s Viking Longboat floated and also looked the part!  Fantastic planning, discussions, problem solving, teamwork and creativity! Awesome work everyone!

CIMG0786  CIMG0784 CIMG0782

CIMG0785 CIMG0783

It was fantastic seeing so many grown ups join in the fun too!  Thank you to everyone for joining the fun and learning.  Here’s a snapshot of adults’ feedback:

[I enjoyed] “seeing how the school makes learning fun.”  -SB

“I enjoyed being able to create something with my son and put a planning document into an actual object.” -CS

“Good interactions and activity to get people working together…It’s much better to have parents involved.”  -JM

[I enjoyed] “sharing an experience with my son.  Very positive and happy building something together as my son doesn’t enjoy crafts at home…  focus on the learning objective… is a major improvement as the children know what to expect and what is being asked of them.  We both really enjoyed it.”  -MR

“It was great to be involved and the girls worked well together… it’s a great way to be involved in your child’s learning.”  -MF

[I would recommend stay and learn] “because it helps your child to settle if parents are involved in their learning.” -JH

“Fun, collaborative working.” -PW

“I enjoyed watching Connor and the class getting really excited and seeing their end products… this was a most enjoyable experience…” -SB

[I enjoyed] “being creative with the children… good to be in the learning environment… best one so far!” -CC

“It was brilliant to share with Ruby what she has been learning.  It was a loot more interesting and hands on [from what I experienced at school]…”  -GB

[I would] “absolutely [recommend stay and learn].  It is a great opportunity to interact with your child, other parents and teachers.” -LC

“It was a very enjoyable, fun learning session [and great] meeting the class teaching staff.” -SD

“I thought it was well thought out and presented.  It helps parents to support their children with their learning and is a good way of bonding.”  -SB

(…Oh and for the handful of adults who mentioned it, I’ll try and put it to management and see if there’s a budget for biscuits…  😉 !)


CIMG0631 CIMG0630

CIMG0632 CIMG0639 CIMG0640 CIMG0652 CIMG0653 CIMG0657 CIMG0669 CIMG0670 CIMG0685 CIMG0686 CIMG0689 CIMG0695 CIMG0697 CIMG0699 CIMG0713 CIMG0714 CIMG0719 CIMG0724 CIMG0727 CIMG0729 CIMG0735 CIMG0737 CIMG0738 CIMG0744 CIMG0747 CIMG0748 CIMG0751 CIMG0757 CIMG0762 CIMG0766 CIMG0770 CIMG0775 CIMG0779      CIMG0788

2 Responses to “What grown ups say”

  1. larchblog Says:

    This was so much fun working with my mum it ended up so good I loved this activity 🙂

  2. larchblog Says:

    This was so much fun working with my mum it ended up so good I loved this activity 🙂 James R

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