Hard times on the sea

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The Yorkshire rows are 4 mums who are in a race to row across the Atlantic ocean. The weather has not been great for them and one time they hat to avoid a twister. A whale once came up and started circling them, also we have seen flying fish and different types of sharks. We have banged into other people and pushed back km. Waves have been 40 to 50 feet high { 6 of Mr Buckley!!!} They have 2 people sleeping and two people rowing for 2 hours and then they swap over. When they row sometimes they get blisters and cuts. They also get lots of stiches because they have to work so hard to push through the strong waves. The boat has also tipped a few times but they have harnesses so they do not drown. They have a compass so they now were to go.


Good luck

By Ross and Josh

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